What to Expect during your Moonlight Experience

Your Moonlight session is booked for 30 minutes. This gives me quality time to spend with each client as attention to detail is my upmost priority.

When you arrive to your appointment, you will be asked to complete a Client Waiver & Release form upon your first visit to Moonlight.

You will be asked to step into a private dressing room where we will have a brief consultation and answer any of your questions. I will leave you to undress to your comfort level (men are required to wear shorts). When you are ready, you will enter the spray room thru a private entrance where I will meet you to begin your custom spray tan application by first applying barrier cream to applicable areas such as feet, hands, elbows, and knees. Next, I will apply your customized spray tan solution followed by a luxurious drying powder application. After application of the luxurious drying powder, you will return to your private dressing room for additional drying time if needed, get dressed, and that's it!


  • complimentary consultation to discuss your skin tone and preferences
  • complimentary luxurious drying powder applied after the spray tan application
  • complimentary hair nets, ponytail holder, G-string undies, strapless bra, nose filter, feet protectors, lip balm, and plastic bag to carry out personal items (all disposable)
  • complimentary make up removal cream and/or wipes

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